The Conductor Baton

Musical Innovation by Benoît Rolland

Benoit Rolland evolved the classical bow and now he has brought his innovation to another kind of instrument.


The Conductor Baton

By Benoît Rolland

Benoît Rolland has evolved the conductor baton in the same spirit he did the classical bow. Taking a centuries-old object that was still today barely a bulb, Benoît has made it an instrument for music fitted to the conductor’s hand.

With a precise, stress-free instrument the conductor accesses his or her full musical palette and eases in communication with the orchestra.

Robert Whalen
Andris Nelsons
Leonidas Kavakos
Ken-David Masur
Miao-Wen Liu
Tigran Hakhnazaryan
Alan Gilbert
Victor Yampolsky
Eric Jacobsen
and John Williams

 were the very first to use this baton on stage: we thank them, as well as Ms. Mutter, for their fervent feedback.

“baton in rehearsal” – robert whalen, conductor

Standard Baton

Benoît Rolland’s Baton is available in standard shapes for right and left handed conductors. Each baton is made in a beautiful, state of the art, light and durable innovative material.

Limited Edition

In addition to the standard model designed by Benoit Rolland, conductors can commission at his Studio a limited series made to their hand. With the same individual process that he offers for bows, Benoit dialogues with each conductor to sculpt a specific handle that he next replicates in a limited edition of six batons made in innovative material.

Benoît Rolland

About Benoît Rolland

Bow Maker. Musician. Innovator. Artist.

For Benoît Rolland, innovation has been a constant part of his work. He makes bows for violin, viola and cello. He listens to musicians individually and to their instrument, designing each bow for a specific playing style and sound. His improvements to the bow as well as fundamental inventions contribute to the traditional wood bow and also to synthetic bows. Benoît continues his research on substitutive materials.


Creating fine bows is not a mere matter of craftsmanship, but a capacity to design into a unique piece of wood both responsiveness to a musician’s style and to the instrument. Each good bow is a sculpture in movement and a musical concept.

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Benjamin Zander, Conductor

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